Why do I need Insurance?

Why do I need Insurance?

Why is car insurance necessary?

Car insurance is required by law in the majority of states. If you cause a car accident and are at fault, the auto liability coverage required by your car insurance policy helps pay for covered losses, such as the other party’s medical costs and damage to their vehicle or other property as a result of the accident. It also assists in paying your legal bills if you are hauled to court as a result of the accident.

Why is home insurance necessary?

You may have wondered about the usefulness of house insurance if you are purchasing a new home or have already paid off your mortgage. Your house is most likely one of your most valued possessions. In a number of ways, homeowners’ insurance protects you AND your investment. While a regular homeowner’s policy might help secure your property, it usually covers more than just the physical structure. A normal homes insurance policy may cover anything from your personal items to the shed in your backyard, as well as medical fees if a guest is hurt on your property. It also may include the following coverages:

– Dwelling coverage.
– Personal Property coverage
– Personal Liability coverage
– Guest medical protection
– Additional living expenses coverage

All in all, with all the information available online, choosing insurance plans can be complicated. We make it easy! By working through Union Perks Insurance, members are put in touch with a qualified insurance agent who can find them the best insurance coverage possible!