Merchant Services

Union Perks is committed to providing our Union brothers and sisters with the services and tools they need to complete credit card processing. We got you covered! Our highly qualified team of professionals is ready to help!

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We offer credit card processing products and services for new and existing businesses. Accept payments online through a payment gateway, in-store with a credit card terminal, over the phone via a virtual terminal, or on the go using a mobile credit card processing app. Whether you need a low or high-risk merchant account, omnichannel payment services for a large company, or simply a credit card machine for a small business; we work with you to find the best payment processing solution to suit your unique business needs goals. Of the thousands of credit card processing companies, we guarantee the lowest credit card processing fees through our bank-direct program. Accept credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, electronic checks, and electronic funds transfers with a solution designed with your business in mind today. We have established payment services for over 100,000 merchants.

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Merchant Services

Our highly qualified team of professionals is ready to help!

In-Store Terminals – With a countertop POS terminal, you can give your customers a wide variety of payment options along with fast authorization for major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. And, with an integrated PIN pad, debit card transactions are as convenient as those made with credit cards. Technologically advanced, this user-friendly terminal enables you to do much more than process payments. It also stores transactions, creates sales reports, and lets you access information for simplified reconciliation. You can even create customized messages for customer receipts.

eCommerce – When you take your business online, you need an intuitive, reliable solution for managing payments. Our eCommerce solution enables you to accept online payments from both credit and debit cards quickly and securely. Critical customer payment information is kept secure and protected 24/7 by both hardware firewalls and a secure server certificate.

Mobile Payments – More and more, customers want the ability to make purchases using their smartphones. However, most businesses still only have the ability to take online payments via their website. For customers using mobile devices, this option can be cumbersome and slow. This is why a mobile app for accepting payments can provide a big competitive advantage.

With a mobile app customized for your business, customers can easily make purchases without the hassles of waiting for your website to load or entering credit card information. And, you can provide a unique customer experience that builds both brand loyalty and word-of-mouth business. Capture important customer data, upsell merchandise or services and obtain valuable analytics with the benefit of a mobile app for accepting payments.