Student Loans Consolidation

Union Perks is committed to providing our Union brothers and sisters with the services and tools they need to consolidate student loans. We got you covered! Our highly qualified team of professionals is ready to help!

Let's Consolidate Your Student Loan

Union Perks Student Loan Consolidation is designed as a reward program to benefit Union Membership for their hard work. By working through our team, members will be put in touch with a qualified professional who can help!

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Services and Care Union Families Deserve!
Student Loans Consolidation

Our highly qualified team of professionals is ready to help!

What we Do and how we can Help

  • Assist consumers in maximizing the financial benefit of the student loan forgiveness programs offered by the federal government.
  • Educate and assist the consumer in navigating through the complex consolidation and repayment options offered by the federal government.
  • Once enrolled, our experienced team will build the necessary documents which will then be submitted directly to the Department of Education (DoE) on the consumer’s behalf.
  • Facilitate the 60-90 day consolidation process and continue to be the liaison between the client and the servicer for the the entire term of forgiveness.

*Services offered in all States except Georgia,Oregon, Illinois, Connecticut, Massechusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Vermont and Washington