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Union Perks Plans

At Union Perks, we offer a vast range of services and insurance plans, dedicated to ensure your needs as a Union Member, are satisfied!

We offer options for individual comprehensive coverage with rates guaranteed to meet your medical needs!

Offering comprehensive coverage extended to members where you get to choose your benficiary!

Our complete list of

Union Perks Services

Online Stores

We offer options for comprehensive coverage to meet your medical needs!

Legal Services

Our Union Perks Group Plans offer members comprehensive and affordable services for them and their families.

Loans • Home • Auto • Insurance

Loans, Home, and Auto Insurance for union families which also includes exclusive discounts

Discount Plans

Learn how you can save more money with bigger benefits with our discount plans!

Union Dental Plans

Do you need financial assistance for dental services? Well you've come to the right place!

Website & Graphic Design

Our team of experts provide graphic design and website services to help carry out marketing solutions

Our Vision

Products & Services

Products and services that Union Families deserve, distributed through out e-commerce store or in-persion interactions

Social & Economic Justice

We seek to provide perks that ensure social and economic justice to our union families

Union Pride

We endeavor to connect union families regardless of trade with one another to build a sense of union pride globally

Quality Care

Our main priority above all is to ensure you receive the best quality of service to increase the likelihood of your desired outcomes

Solidarity Program

Strike & Union Lay-Off

We are committed to stand in solidarity with Union Members and their families through a union strike or lay-off. We understand the challenges families endure; 31 days after a lay off or strike their benefits stop. Many families are left with nowhere to go.

Here at Union Perks, our doors are always open to the working America; we provide FREE emergency palliative care to union members' families that supports their union brothers and sisters on a strike, or when they are laid off from work.

Lifetime FREE Teeth Whitening

As long as the patient keeps his/her 6 months check up appointments.

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