Court Ordered Programs


Court-Approved Domestic Violence/Anger Management Classes

For Our Union brothers and sisters required by necessity to complete a particular certified court ordered Domestic Violence or Anger Management classes. We got your back!

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Classes meet in San Pedro, CA - 24 Hour hotline for enrollees!

Services and Care Union Families Deserve!
Court Ordered Programs

Our highly qualified team of professionals is ready to help!

We offer guaranteed performance promises to help you towards achieving your court program compliance objective. The program will watch out and take care of the things you’re likely to miss, that we are a second set of eyes and hands supporting your court case reporting periodic progress reports are accurate.

Service Generalities 

Supervised Domestic Violence (DV)/Anger Management (AM) in-person Group Education

All Programs are accepted by criminal courts, formal probation, parole, and the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

Same-day enrollment and attending the first group are available on short notice.  We accept all current out-of-state or county court referrals for classes. Volunteer enrollments without a court order for self-help are welcomed.

Veterans of all military branches are welcome for open enrollment!

These school programs can accommodate scheduling classes to fit any conflicting work schedule so that you will be able to finish your obligation on time.

Community Outreach 

24-hour Hotline

Video chat and featuring texting are available for individuals with special needs/circumstances.

Staff is willing and able to come to your facility to have an informal Q&A with your staff-(3-day notice)

Substantial programs to help communities.

Provides (DV & AM) programs for all social and cultural person’s gender identities.

We respect our client’s confidentiality and privacy.