Payday Loan Solutions Program

Living with payday loan debt can feel like drowning. The constant thought of debt collectors calling and the looming fear of how debt will impact your financial freedom. Each day that passes, your debt increases, and so does your stress.

Union Perks Payday Loan Solutions Program

We have programs that can help ease your mind by taking care of your payday loan debts. These programs can lower the amount that you owe, reduce the interest rate on your debt and get you out of debt sooner than you think possible.   We negotiate with your lenders and work out a settlement to pay off your debt easier and at a fraction of the balance due.     We are proud to have been selected by UNION PERKS to assist our great American union members and their families.

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Payday Loan Solutions Program

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Payday Loan Disadvantages
  • Extreme Interest Rates
  • Potential Cycle Of Loans
  • High Acceptance Rates
  • Non-Payment Effects Your Credit
Let Us Consolidate Your Loan To Your Advantage

While you can’t end up in jail due to defaulting on your payday loan, it can adversely affect your credit rating. In addition, if you default you will be charged high penalty fees. If you’re currently paying several debts and looking for a realistic and affordable solution to clearing your payday loan, sign up for a payday consolidation program.